United Backpackers Hostel in Tallinn
made by travellers for travellers

Situated in city centre on the verge of famous medieval Old Town, you’ll be close to bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs, shopping venues, cultural sights and everything else Tallinn has to offer. A 24/7 reception and a friendly, helpful international staff at your service. In the three floors of our hostel, there is a common area aka The Bunker in the basement - complete with a pool table, TV room and a fully equipped kitchen. Ground floor features reception and chill out room; dorms, privates, showers and restrooms are located on the second floor. Free wireless internet in all rooms and common areas. Besides accommodation and great company, we offer: pub crawl, walking tour in Old Town, Kalamaja hipster neighbourhood tour, Seaplane Harbour, Tallinn TV Tower, Red City Bus tour, and much more!

2018-03-16 —————— Kultuuriklubi Kelm Guilty Pleasure:#KevadPüxis vol2 (the one before…


Kultuuriklubi Kelm
Guilty Pleasure:#KevadPüxis vol2 (the one before the last one)

Stephen Black +1
Henrik Udam +1


KOLM ///
Electric Cafe & Technosonice : Damon Wild

Kirke Asandi +1
Alex Rudkowski +1


EKKMi Kohvik
Enigmatica | Paulo Moya (CHL)

Robin Päll +1
Sandra Mäesepp +1


Sveta Baar
Babyphat presents S4U (UK)

Anett Peel +1
Raji Uustalu +1


Kuldmuna 2.0 Afterparty

Lily Jaanus +1
Märt Niidassoo +1


The Patcave
90s Night!

Pille-Riin Tammela
Eisi Mäeots


Niko Raul Ats
Kopli 2a

Silvia Leet +1
Erki Limbak +1


Kohvik Sinilind
★Bashment★ Springz! Akar, Lou & Dub Terrorist

Marek Kiisla +1
Mart Gross +1


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