Alright, ready? We got like 99 recommendations for you today,…

Alright, ready? We got like 99 recommendations for you today, not even kidding.

First, an exhibition Näitus “Ajareis. Elu Nõukogude Eestis” (open daily 11-19) so if you want a glimpse into Soviet Estonian life, pop by Balti Jaam and check it out.

Then there’s a live music evening at the one truly local joint TOPS where Savva klaverikontsert will offer a perfect piano soundtrack to Kalamaja life.

In other news, tonight Erinevate Tubade Klubi will host a Champions League play-off ühisvaatamine on big screen so… this is where the tragic/magic happens.

Depending on the outcome of football, one might feel a need to let it loose at Sveta Baar’s Karaoke Fun Time Now! Never a dull evening at Sveta, and that’s a fact.

And lastly, if you think you’re so funny yourself, you should go and get some feedback on that. The opportunity presents itself one street over from us at our friends Open MIC in Euphoria.

For now we’re heading to chill in Kalarand, Tallinn which is the last remaining city centre beach, free to access to everyone living or visiting the city. So go see before it gets gentrified and “developed”.

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