Pirita Beach!

You can be forgiven for not associating Estonia with beaches, I think there is a misconception that Estonia is always cold, grey, and rainy (although this description better describes England in my mind!) When I first arrived, I too was surprised to learn that Tallinn had a beach, so obviously, being a curious person, I had to go check it out!
I, (like you will be when you go to Pirita), was massively surprised! It’s a beach! In Estonia! And a really nice one too! Just a 10 minute bus ride from the center of the city, catch buses 1a, 8, 34a or 38 and simply kick back, chill out, and soak up those brief summer rays, preferably with a ice cold alcoholic beverage. Nothing better!
The water temperature on the other hand is something else, locals will probably laugh at you as you gingerly dip your baby toe in, because they are used to it, but seriously, its freakin’ FREEEEEZIN’, and not just in winter, but during any time of the year! It is the Baltic sea after all! Hardly known for its warmth! A phrase we have in English when referring to cold weather is, ‘It’s bloody Batlic out there’, meaning, the weather is very cold, now I fully understand where that phrase has come from, someone obviously went swimming in the Batlic sea once and coined the phrase!
Pirita beach never suffers from overcrowding, which is great, even during the height of summer, you can always guarantee yourself you will find a spot! Great for playing volleyball, for long walks or a place to hang out with friends, Pirita is a surprising must for anyone visiting Tallinn who needs a break from the ever so stressful hustle and bustle of the Old Town. 
United’s Top Tip: Take your bucket and spade.