Masters Courtyard

This has to be one of the Old Town most amazing courtyards, not to mention hidden from my tourists, it has certainly become one of my favorite places to be no matter the time of year. 
This quiet courtyard in the Old Town is a little piece of Tallinn as it was centuries ago, when people appreciated the work of craftsmen, who put their heart and soul into everything they made. You can still see the medieval architecture and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. There are different arts and crafts workshops, guest rooms for accommodation, and the famous café Chocolaterie in the yard. 
The chocolaterie cafe is a must, they have the tastiest cakes, ok they may be a little pricey for the average backpacker, but they are amazing!! They coffee is pretty decent and the tea selective is vast! This place is must on one of those days when you want nothing more than to drink tea and read a good book, and maybe treat yourself to a piece of yummy cake! Cozy is the word, this place does cozy very well! 
The courtyard also features gorgeous little boutique shops selling designer goods, unique objects, amazing hand made crafts, most of which is perhaps beyond the typical budget of a traveler, but still nice to look at nonetheless!