Autumn Days

Ahh Autumn, definitely becoming by far my favorite season, especially in Estonia!
Much like the rest of Europe, autumn is the time when things begin to slow down, the days begin to get shorter, the temperatures begin to drop, the leaves begin to change into the most beautiful colors; reds, greens, oranges, browns, all the colors you can imagine! Its so beautiful!
This time of year in Tallinn sees the tourist numbers drop off significantly, the Old Town is now much quieter, locals return, the restaurants take away their outdoor seating areas making the Old Town feel much larger. It takes on a totally different feel.
If you are thinking of visiting Tallinn around this time, you should definitely seriously consider it, it is so different from the height of summer! As long as you don’t mind the cold mornings and evenings!
Autumn is a time for winding down, for reflecting on a busy summer (at least for us working at the hostel!) and preparing ourselves for the winter months to come. It is a time for getting cozy, with a cup of tea or maybe a mug of hot Glögi (mulled or spiced wine, more to come!), enjoying company with friends and in general, just taking it easy!
So don’t be put off by the plunging temperatures, Tallinn is just as much worth a visit at this time of year as any other!
United’s Top Tip: Bring warm clothing!