Estonian Open Air Museum

This museum transports you back in time to when Estonia was a rural dream. The museum is a life-sized reconstruction of an 18th-century rural/fishing village, which comes complete with church, inn, schoolhouse, several mills, a fire station, twelve farmyards and  fisherman’s sheds. The site spans 79 hectares of land and contains 72 separate buildings and is located towards the west of Tallinn, its easy to get to, just take bus number 3.
The open air museum was established in 1957, and showcases 68 examples of farmhouses and buildings assembled into twelve farmyards districts from around North, South and West Estonia. All are different and distinct in their own right and beautiful reconstructed, you would think they have been there forever!
The museum is also located in an area of natural beauty, so if you don’t have a chance to get outside of Tallinn city when you’re in Estonia, but really want to visit Estonia famous and beautiful forests, then don’t worry, just head to the open air museum to feel completely surrounded by the beautiful nature and feel a million miles from the busy city.
The museum also hosts lots of special events throughout the year, especially during the summer months and regularly features actors dressed up in traditional Estonian dress just wondering around. There are farm animals and a petting zoo, making it great for children.
IN SUMMER SEASON April 23 – September 28
Adult 8 € / Discount 5 € / Family 16 €
IN WINTER SEASON September 29 – April 22
Adult 6 € / Discount 4 € / Family 12 €